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Develop your own customized training seminars with automatic reminders, on-line testing along with tracking reports. Utilize your own trainers and content...leave the technology to us and avoid risk, reducing cost while reaching a vast audience.
Train your internal and external team and partners.
Online – interactive - accepted - affordable
Tackle critical training, addressing issues such as; ethics, risk assessment, workforce e-learning, sales training and employee orientation. Easily train high turnover depts such as call centers, retail employees at an affordable price.
Offer 24/7 custom designed training services and programs focused on enhancing business practices of independent advisors, reps, ASPs and client companies.
Cynergy’s Subject Matter Experts offers you turn-key training from respected and experienced business professionals.
The opinions expressed by Cynergy, its Executive Advisors, Affiliates and Associates are intended to be general in nature, mere suggestions and should only be relied upon after consulting an appropriate expert, such as an attorney or accountant.