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“My Two Cents” by Cindy Pickens – Cynergy
Personal SWOT: Key Career and Personal Planning Tool

Need a new way to size up the state of your career? Take a cue from your company. Try developing a personal SWOT analysis to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. (Read on)

Speaking to an Audience
Communicate Complex Ideas Successfully
By: Kellie Fowler,
Mind Tools Contributor

Speaking to an audience can be fun and exciting. However, lack of preparation or not clearly defining the presentation’s goals and its audience can make even the best-intended presentation a complete disaster. (Read on)

College Savings Tax Strategies
By: Judee Slack (Cynergy Web Cast Presenter)
SlackTax, Inc.

Saving for college is hard not just because it's a huge expense, but because you can't predict how much, if any, financial aid you'll get. (Read on)

HR Alert - Alternative Hours Can End Without Vote
By: Audrianne Adams-LeeHR NETwork Inc.

Q. I work in a small data-processing department. I had four co-workers, all of us on a 4-day, 10-hour workweek, but two quit. One replacement was brought into the department that was already on a standard 8-hour 5-day workweek in another department. (Read on)

Helpful Hints - Excel – “You don’t need an Extreme Makeover to Get a Best Fit!”
By: O'Shea Toran
Cynergy Guest Speaker CafeNet Training / Development / Operations Professional

Many people know that the boundary on the right side of every column heading (A, B, C, etc) can be dragged manually until the column is the width you want.  In fact, Excel is nice enough to display the width measurement as you drag!  (Read on)

Key Travel Tips
By: Transportation Security Administration

Following these tips will help you reduce your wait time at the security checkpoint. (Read on)

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