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“My Two Cents” by Cindy Pickens – Cynergy
Achieve a Balance in Life in the New Year

Your portfolio of management skills includes goal-setting, strategic planning and project management. Most business professionals use these skills every day. So why do so many of us have difficulty in setting and achieving the personal goals called New Year’s resolutions? Don't avoid setting resolutions this year just because you have broken them in the past. Try some of these simple tips for setting practical - and attainable - goals. (Read on)

Baby Boomers -- Marketing to the "Me" Generation
By: Bill Willard

Unless you’ve been in a dimly lit cavern for the past several decades, you know that "Baby Boomers" is the collective name given to the 76 million people born in the United States between the end of World War II and 1964. Often described as the largest, most knowledgeable and most fiscally influential demographic group in American history, their motto could very well be: Where does a 750-pound gorilla sit? Anywhere it wants! (Read on)

Smart Year End Tax Maneuvers
By: Judee Slack – SlackTax, Inc. (Cynergy Presenter)

Some financial maneuvering before year-end can save you considerable money. Here are a few year-end tax avoidance tactics: (Read on)

Managing Your Boss
By: Nahid Casazza (Cynergy Presenter)

Many of us hope and expect that our boss will turn out to be a great coach and mentor, someone who guides us with the wisdom of experience, supports us with training and constructive feedback, gives us challenging and meaningful assignments, promotes our successes to upper management, and always has our career path and best interests in mind. Some of us are lucky enough to find that kind of boss – maybe once, in our entire career. (Read on)

Computer Forensics - in the Workplace? Q&A
Computer Forensics 101 – Attention HR, IT and Legal Professionals
By: DataClues, Inc. (Cynergy Presenter)

What is Computer Forensics? Simply put, Computer Forensics is legal science for the extraction, recovery, analysis and authentication of residual data stored on computer media. This includes the retrieval of active files, hidden or deleted files, broken text fragments, portions of files that have been overwritten by other data, and virtually any other data that can be stored on computer media.
(Read on)

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