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“My Two Cents” by Cindy Pickens – Cynergy
Job Security 101 – You Are a Profit Center

How to plan – approach – maneuver and succeed

Corporate life as you have known it no longer exists. Companies are replacing regular staff positions with part-time, temporary, freelance and contract workers. You can no longer count on secure employment as your reward for a job well done. If your basic job function can be outsourced with acceptable quality at lower cost, it will be. You need a plan or strategy to prevent your job from being downsized, outsourced or marginalized. (Read on)

Outsourcing next door- Sending jobs overseas receives the most publicity.
But many firms just send the work across the street.

The Orange County Register

After seven years in business, Message Broadcast in Newport Beach grew to need more legal assistance than its outside law firm had time for. But the marketing firm still didn't have so much legal work that it needed to hire a full-time general counsel. (Read On)

UCLA Anderson Forecast Continues to Warn of Slow Growth for National Economy
UCLA Anderson Forecast

LOS ANGELES — In its third quarterly report of the year, the UCLA Anderson Forecast stays the course and continues to forecast that the US economy will experience slow growth through 2006. However, the slowdown is now considered to be more gradual than predicted in June as the projected reduction in housing construction is still in the future. (Read On)

You Mean I Need To Promote Myself To Get A Promotion?
5 Promotion Secrets To Get The Job You Want
By: Ed Sykes

Time and time again I hear the following from students in my career advancement workshops:

“My work speaks for itself…I shouldn’t have to tell anyone about my skills.”
“Why did they hire from the outside, I am already doing what’s required of that position?”
“Why did they get the job, I have more skills and experience than they do?”
“How come my name is never mentioned when promotions come up in conversation?”
(Read On)

How To Give Your Savings A Big Boost
By: Judee Slack – SlackTax, Inc. (Cynergy Presenter)

Whether or not you have a 401(k) or other tax-advantaged savings plan at work, consider investing in an IRA to augment your retirement savings plan.
As with a 401(k), you don't pay taxes each year on capital gains, dividends and other distributions from securities held in your IRA. Beyond that, there are different tax advantages, depending on which type of IRA you open. (Read On)

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