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2007 New Year Message
Cindy Pickens
Cynergy Principal / President

The Cynergy team wishes you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year.

2006 was an eventful year for us. Cynergy launched our corporate offering, maximizing our value and increasing opportunities for an already fruitful year. The globalization of the Web is completely in sync with the growth of Cynergy’s online training program and has inspired us to deepen our involvement with our clients.

Cynergy’s comprehensive, turnkey, online service gives our corporate clients an efficient and effective method for reaching out to the masses for online training, testing and compliance.  Our service also bridges the communication gap that can be created so easily by geographical distance.

Our clients have provided outstanding feedback on our services, enabling us to closely align and integrate our corporate strategies and our clients’ needs. We will continue to provide highly cost-effective online training solutions, and to help our clients understand how Cynergy’s underlying structure and offering strategy fit together.

In 2007, we will also concentrate on further improving our technology and collaborating with our clients to establish the foundation for the next-generation of online services. The broadband era brings a dazzlingly array of possibilities for presenting online content. We are looking to redefine the term " user experience."

While the issues we are addressing are wide-ranging, they are all important parts of our mission as a provider of turnkey online training solutions. We are committed to these initiatives this year, and through them we intend to achieve our goals for the sustainable development of our corporate clients' business.

We thank you once again for your support and look forward to mutual successes.

Happy New Year!!!

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