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“My Two Cents” by Cindy Pickens – Cynergy
Assimilating New Leaders

So you’re a rising star and you’re ready for a new challenge. Another company approaches you with an offer of a new position with significantly greater responsibility. The idea is exciting, and the recruiting and “courtship” make you feel the other company is just as excited. You accept the offer. Now how do you avoid becoming one of the startlingly large number of executives who are not successful in their new role? (Read on)

8 Mistakes Made when Presenting with PowerPoint® and How to Correct Them How would you answer this multiple-choice question?
By: Jim Prost — Fripp & Associates

Which of the following statements best describes your view about presenting using Power Point(R)?

  1. My PowerPoint® presentations use every sound, clip art, and animation available.
  2. My PowerPoint® presentation IS the presentation.
  3. My PowerPoint® presentation enhances my points; is clear, clean, and concise; and my audiences walk away with a clarified message. (Read on)
How to Deal With a Toxic Co-Worker
By: Taryn Simpson

Do you love your job? Is your boss the greatest to work for? Yet, you're miserable at work? Don't let a Toxic employee ruin your workplace! Below are helpful tips to turn this situation around quickly and effectively. (Read on)

End Tax Saving Ideas for Individuals
By: Judee Slack – SlackTax, Inc.

There are a number of steps you might take by year-end to cut your 2006 tax bill, such as deferring income, accelerating deductions and capital gain planning.

Caution: If you expect to be subject to the alternative minimum tax (AMT), you may want to accelerate income and delay deductions. (Read on)

HR Alert - California High Court Clarifies Final Paycheck Rules
By: HR NETwork Inc.

The California Supreme Court has ruled unanimously on requiring payment of wages immediately upon “discharge”—and imposing waiting time penalties for delays— that the term “discharge” doesn’t just mean getting fired or laid off. It also includes when an employer releases a day laborer or other short-term employee when their job duration is up. (Read on)

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