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"My Two Cents" By Cindy Pickens - Cynergy
Establish a Balance in Life (BIL)

The pace of business life has accelerated dramatically in the last several years. These days, you feel lucky to have time to gobble down a sandwich or a salad at your desk while working on a project with an unreasonable deadline. You have become proficient at eating and talking on your cell phone while driving. You really feel like you've hit the jackpot when you grab some of the free food left over from meetings. (Read on)

Computer Backup 101
By Ravi Ram – Dhali Internet Solutions Provider
Have you ever received error message, “No boot device found” or found that your computer is “locked up”? Did you ever have that frantic feeling in the pit of your stomach that all of your data might be lost? (Read on)

What’s Wrong With Sales Training Today
By Steve W. Martin – Heavy Hitter Selling
All sales training programs today share the same fundamental flaw. None explain what is truly at the heart of all sales: how to build relationships between people, how salespeople incorporate the elements of human behavior into their strategy, and how to say the “right” words at the “right” time to persuade customers to buy. (Read on)

Q&A - Exempt Employees, Employee Personnel Files, and Payroll Records
By Audrianne Adams Lee -HR NETwork Inc.
Q. My question concerns the topic of how long a corporation is legally required to keep employee personnel files and payroll records before destroying them? How long while a Corporation is still open and in good standing? And how long is a Corporation required to keep those records after it closes down? (Read on)

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