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“My Two Cents” by Cindy Pickens – Cynergy
First Day on the Job

If you are like most business professionals today, you seem to be moving constantly from one job to another. But all the research in the world cannot give you a true picture of what it is like to work in your new organization. It’s like preparing for the first day of school. No matter how confident you are, you can’t get rid of the worries about belonging, fitting in and being appreciated. (Read on)

Top  10 Steps to Starting a Small Business
By:  Ronya Banks

If you have always dreamed of owning your own business, you are not alone. According  to the United States Census Bureau Americans start one million new small businesses every year. Small businesses employ over 52% of America's private workforce, and today most new jobs are created by small businesses. (Read on)

Keeping Tabs on Your Pension Plan
By: Judee Slack – SlackTax, Inc.

If you are one of the approximately 40 million individuals covered by a traditional defined-benefit pension plan, it pays to check up on your plan periodically because: (Read on)

HR Alert - Non-Competes are Un-enforceable in California
By: Audrianne Adams-Lee
HR NETwork Inc.

Most non-competition agreements are unenforceable in California. The California Court of Appeals ruled agreements that restrict an employee's ability to pursue similar employment after leaving a job are prohibited, even if they are narrowly written and leave a substantial portion of the available employment market open to the employee. (Read on)

Selling Your Way to Success: How to Present Your Proposal at an Executive Meeting
By: Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

What's the worst reaction you've ever gotten when you made an important presentation? Probably, it would come in second to the one I just heard about. A woman—ironically she was interviewing me for an article about " Knockout Presentations" —told me the story of her disaster. (Read on)

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