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  Business Operations
  Forensic IT
  Human Resources
  Job Transition/
  Keynote Speakers
  Personal Development
  Sales and Marketing
  Software Training



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Business Operations
Annual Operating Plan
This overview of annual operating plans will provide small to medium companies the whys, hows and whats of completing this powerful tool for increasing and sustaining profitable growth.
Starting a New Business
Learn how to start your business to ensure success. This web cast will provide you with immediate benefits that will empower you to launch your business successfully or improve an existing venture.
Forensic IT
Digital Evidence and the Role it Plays - MCLE
Come and learn how deleted isn't really deleted, how dates and times can prove your case, and how information can be obtained from areas of the storage device you never knew existed.
Computer Evidence Collection and Preservation
This objective of this web cast is to provide basic collection and safeguarding of digital evidence.

Human Resource - Harassment in the Workplace
Learn about the issues of sexual harassment and discrimination in order to foster a positive work atmosphere.
Human Resource - Workman's Compensation
We will show you how to proactively manage and significantly reduce your workers' compensation claims and liability. We will also review the new Workers' Comp reform and how it can benefit you.
Human Resource - Workplace Compliance
You will learn from the HR & legal experts how to avoid costly mistakes before they happen to you!
Human Resource - Commonly Used Terms
View this helpful web cast on common terms used by Human Resource professionals.
Job Transiton/

“What to Expect and How to Stay Confident during Job Transition”
Going through a job transition is one of the most stressful and emotional experiences a person can have in life. It is also a time when those you thought you could count on aren’t always there to support you.
“Discover Work You Love”
This web cast is an overview of our entire career transition program. You’ll learn the five steps to finding work you love, and the most important things to know in each stage of the process. We’ll also explain how the steps get covered in each of our more detailed web casts, so you know where you can go for more in-depth coverage when you need it.
Career Research Simplified
Career research is about taking a list of job possibilities and deciding which ones are worth your time and energy to pursue, and then finding out where those jobs are and what the decision-makers will be looking for, so you can give yourself the best chance of getting the work you want. We’ll show you how to keep your research easy and efficient, so you can find what you need to know quickly and move to the next step armed and ready to get that job!
Career Strategy
You wouldn’t start a project without a plan, and your career strategy is about laying out your plan for how you will successfully find the job you want. We’ll take you through some of the more common approaches to finding work and introduce you to a unique proactive approach that can uncover opportunities before they are even advertised!
Network for Opportunities
Learn a networking model that enables you to increase the return you get from the time and energy you put into networking. We’ll discuss how to network for referrals, develop an effective follow up system, and discover opportunities that are often missed. The best thing about this model is that it allows you to be yourself, which takes the awkwardness out of networking, and makes it a higher quality experience for both you and the people you meet.
Tools For Success
Learn the seven tools you will need in your job search and walk step by step through the process of creating them. You will get a template for your resume, an outline of how to prepare for an interview, guidelines on your networking introduction, and more
Keynote Speakers
Paradox of Excellence
Learn new ways to grow revenues and margins, improve customer retention and customer advocacy and increase employee satisfaction and morale.

Introduction to Personal Brand Authenticity
Using a brand marketing framework, we provide a process to improve the relevance of you, as a brand, with the tactics to communicate your benefits to your target audience(s). Each of us has unique gifts and a distinct purpose. By connecting to those gifts and purpose, we open ourselves up to greater happiness and material success.
Sales and Marketing
Branding - Building the Brand from Inside Out
A Process for engineering the best brand experience. We will take an inward look at the organization to create experience excellence with consumers. This excellence builds the brand equity. You will learn how to engineer the best customer experience.
Public Relations - An Introduction to PR
This web cast explains what is PR, how it differs from advertising, how to use it and some basics on what a company needs to succeed in the PR game.
Tapping Breakthrough Creative
This seminar will show you what it takes to build creative excellence and achieve breakthrough creative for any situation.
Naked Negotiations
This web casts's goal is to provide critical negotiating skills and techniques to participants as well as an understanding of the processes involved.
Business Negotiating
A comprehensive review of more advanced techniques and principles that can be utilized in business negotiations.
How to Align your Business for Growth & Profit
Optimize the productivity and personal well being of your people and attract customers by aligning your organization and its key components.

MS Office "Power Tips" - PowerPoint 1
This course is is designed for beginners who want to “ramp up” more quickly, as well as intermediate and advanced users who want to sharpen their skills and tap into PowerPoint’s more powerful functions.
MS Office "Power Tips" - PowerPoint 2
You will learn to create custom shows, embed fonts, track audience comments and additional power tips.
QuickBooks Setup and Navigation
This course is designed to walk the small business owner (or bookkeeper) thru the QuickBooks set-up and navigation processes.


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